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Hopkins County Sanitation Department Goals & Policies

It is the policy of Hopkins County Sanitation Department to provide for the management of solid waste, collection reduction, transportation and disposal in a manner that will protect the public health and welfare and enhance the beauty and quality of our environment.

It is the goal and policy of Hopkins County Sanitation Department to limit and reduce the amount of solid waste disposed in a solid waste facility in the county. This will be achieved through the reduction in the amount of waste generated, reuse of solid waste, waste recycling or yard waste composting, and resource recovery.

It is the policy of Hopkins County that a comprehensive and integrated waste management system to handle solid waste be fostered. The county policy shall reflect a preference for projects and practices consistent with the policies and goals established in this section and the following:  

  • Education of the citizens regarding the proper disposal of waste.
  • Collection and proper disposal of all solid waste through proper management.
  • Elimination of illegal open dumping on public and private property inside the limits of the county.
  • Abatement of litter along the roadways of the county.

The policies of Hopkins County Sanitation Department are set forth in the Hopkins County Solid Waste Management Plan ordinance 1991-3. This ordinance became effective on November 13, 1987, by approval of the Hopkins County Fiscal Court.

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